Here, thanks a million for dropping in to see us. Grab a chair there and pour yourself a cup of tae. Digestive? Chocolate Hob-Nob? Whatever you like. No, not the Mint Viscount. They’re for our Mammies. They’re coming over later on to drop off our washing.

So, we’ve got a load of stuff to share with you. Snoop around the place and see what you find. We’ve probably hidden some really cool Easter Eggs around the site for you super-nerds. Did you do that, Dave?

What? No. I didn’t have time cos you just headed home and lef…

Cool, thanks, Dave. Yeah, find all the cool widgets and things in here. Dave built the Dermot & Dave app and the Dermot & Dave TV channel and the Dermot & Dave Agricultural Machinery Leasing Company based in the Channel Islands with its profits routed through the Cayman Islands.

No, I didn’t.

What were you doing on that computer then? No, don’t tell me.

Anyway, enjoy yourself now. And don’t forget to drop us an email or a tweet or a Instabookchat there.

Also, buy a few tshirts, will you? We have to pay Dave for all the work he did. Sake.